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About Us

Clean Valley Water is dedicated to providing the highest quality,
state of the art, whole home water filtration systems to our clients.

A Message from Clean Valley Water:

Our mission at Clean Valley Water is to provide our clients with nature’s most precious resource in its cleanest & safest form. 

Our clients’ homes deserve to be equipped with a water filtration system that refines, conditions, and clarifies their water, allowing it to taste better but to surpass safety standards and provide protection for your family from unchecked chemicals in tap water. 

Our water filter systems can also reduce cleaning time in bathrooms and showers, as well as increase longevity of items laundered at home all in thanks to cleaner water sources. And our systems are environmentally friendly, allowing reduced electricity costs and  decreasing yearly plastic output from purchasing clean water.

Clean Valley Water is here to help! 

Clean Valley Water San Diego – Now servicing the greater San Diego area and surrounding cities. Clean Valley Water San Diego customers can reach us at our toll-free number, by email, or with our local phone number.